Jan Forsberg takes over as the new Chairman of the Board of Recipo Ekonomisk förening and as a result also joins as Chairman of the Board of Recipo’s subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark and Latvia. Jan has a master’s degree in engineering and brings a wealth of experience both as Chairman on several other Boards and previous leadership positions, as President and CEO of SJ AB and Senior Vice President of SAS Operations Division and President of SAS Flight Support AB.

“We are very pleased to welcome Jan as the new Chairman of the Board of Recipo. With his extensive experience, Jan will be a very important addition to both the board and the company in its continued work. I am very much looking forward to collaborating with Jan and the rest of the board to develop Recipo’s operations, improve producer responsibility and increase the collection rates of electronics and batteries. Together, we can achieve an increased efficiency and ensure that old electronics don’t become waste but are instead recirculated to become new products.

I would also like to extend a big thank you to the outgoing Chairperson Lili-Ann Tapper Tullborg, who has been involved in building and developing Recipo since the start in 2007”- Ivo Edlund, CEO Recipo Group.

Jan succeeds Lili-Ann Tapper Tullborg, who is leaving Recipo to focus on new challenges. Lili-Ann was involved in starting up the collection system that would later become Recipo and has been a key person in its continued growth and development during this time.