Electronic and Electrical waste must not be disposed of with other waste. Electronic and Electrical waste is accepted free of charge

What is producer responsibility?

Producer responsibility for electronics and batteries means that all companies that produce and sell electronics or batteries must make a contribution to help cover the costs of collecting and recycling the products. Producer responsibility is based on an EU directive from 2005 and aims to promote increased sustainability. You can read more about producer responsibility on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.
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Am I subject to producer responsibility?

Your company is subject to producer responsibility for electronics and batteries if you place electronic products and batteries on the market in Norway. This may include producers, importers, distributors and resellers. More information regarding definitions of the types of companies that are subject to producer responsibility is available on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

How do I take my producer responsibility?

It’s easy, register with Recipo and we will take care of the rest.

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  • Your company pays an Annual fee and an Authorised Representative fee if necessary.
  • Fee per unit sold.

Your company pays a fee per unit sold based on your reported sales. If you would like more information about our prices, please complete the registration enquiry form here.


Sales to EU countries

Norwegian companies that place electronics on the market in other EU countries are subject to producer responsibility in each country. Recipo assists companies with producer responsibility in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and can also help companies to find a collaboration partner in other EU countries.

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Authorised representative

For foreign companies that place electronics on the market in Norway, the Environmental Protection Agency requires such companies to appoint an authorised representative. Recipo is an authorised representative and can take care of the administration of all fees and manage all communication with the Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency.

Differences between household EEE and professional EEE

Companies that sell electronic equipment intended for use by private consumers, so-called consumer electronics, must, in accordance with the manufacturer’s responsibility, be registered in Recipo or another nationally approved collection system. Consumer electronics include all products that are intended for use in households, even if the sale takes place between companies.

Companies that sell so-called professional electronics, electronics that are intended for use in companies and businesses, must report their sales statistics to the Norwegian Environment Agency. This can be done by registering with Recipo.

Store collection

Companies that are subject to producer responsibility need to offer store collection of electronic waste from consumers. The amount of electronic waste that each store is expected to manage is based on the principle of one-for-one. In other words, you are expected to manage the collection of a quantity of electronic waste (in terms of kg or units) equivalent to the quantity of electronic products you sell.

Recipo takes care of everything

  • Reporting and fees are administered quarterly or yearly through Recipo’s customer portal.
  • Recipo ensures that the electronic waste is recycled and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Store collection – Recipo helps stores to manage the electronic waste they have received through collection.
  • Recipo provides communication material that companies can use to inform consumers about recycling of electronic waste.
  • Recipo helps companies that sell both household EEE and professional EEE.
  • Recipo is an authorised representative for foreign companies, and we have our own offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

For information about fees and prices, please complete this enquiry form or contact our customer service department: recipo@recipo.no

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Recipo puts the environment in focus

In addition to ensuring that all companies affiliated to Recipo satisfy the statutory requirements associated with producer responsibility, we are also proud to be able to call ourselves the environmentally best alternative in the industry. This means that we can guarantee that the electronic waste we collect is never exported or sold to other countries with lower requirements on quality of recycling.

Recipo’s environmental investments:
• More than 150 collection sites throughout Norway
• Recipo is the only collection system in Norway that operates its own plastic recycling plant
• The unique collection system Secure Collect for collection of electronic waste containing sensitive information
• Provision of communication material for sustainability campaigns

You can read more about what makes Recipo unique here.

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