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Recipo offers producers of electrical and electronic products a simple and cost-efficient solution to fulfil your producer responsibility. We assume responsibility for end-of-life products from the time they are handed over for recovery or reuse until the material is completely recovered or the product reused. With Recipo you can feel secure about everything from reporting to public authorities to the material being disposed of in a responsible and effective way.

– Luvisa S. Hansen, Country General Manager Norway and Denmark, Recipo

Recipo is a collective collection and recycling system for electrical equipment and batteries, with operations in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

“At Elkjöp, we take responsibility for our products right through the chain of value. Recipo helps us to secure sound and environmentally-friendly treatment of our products when they become waste. Because Recipo takes responsibility for the collected material all the way from collection to final treatment, we can feel confident that we meet our producer responsibility.”

Vebjørn Eilertsen
Director Environmental Affairs, Elkjøp Nordic AS

Focus on producer responsibility and sustainability

Rules for producer responsibility were introduced in 2005 for electrical and electronic products, with the aim of creating an environmentally sustainable society both today and in the future. All recycling aims to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and health that arise when new products are manufactured and old products become waste.
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