A new option for electronic waste management reaches Norway. Recipo is a collective collection and recycling system for electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) with operations in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Recipo is excited to as of 1st of January 2019 add Norway to its list of Nordic countries where the demand for efficient, environmentally responsible and cost-effective solutions for the recycling and repurposing of WEEE is growing.

As a collective, made up of producers of electrical and electronic equipment, Recipos focus is on quality and efficiency in waste management of electronic and electrical equipment, working towards a circular economy for all materials collected. Recipo works to ensure the highest possible standards are surpassed, from end of life to new raw materials.

“We are happy to see that our strategy of establishing our logistic and recycling models have paid off and that we are now able to bring a modern approach to the circular economy of Norway for WEEE”
– Josef Tapper, CEO at Recipo

“Elkjøp is the largest importer in the Nordic region of electrical and electronic equipment. As such we have to be in the lead when it comes to waste management. By the experience of services provided in Sweden and Denmark, we are pleased to see that Recipo is now entering the Norwegian market. We believe this will give environmental benefits on a Nordic level within the recycling of WEEE.”
– Vebjørn Eilertsen, Environmental Director at Elkjøp Nordic.

Recipo was first established in Sweden in 2007 as a result of several producers and organisations who wanted a modern approach to the circular economy and management of producer responsibility. Recipo now operates across the Nordics and has quickly gained a reputation as a trustworthy and modern organization which offers significant competition to the markets it operates in. With a wide supplier network, Recipo can extend its offerings to all organisations in Norway who take a producer responsibility for WEEE.