A manufacturer outside Norway who sells electronic products directly to end-users in Norway via distance selling (for example via the internet or mail order) must appoint an authorised representative in Norway.

Producers outside Norway who export electronic products to an importer in Norway may voluntarily choose to appoint an authorised representative in Norway to meet the requirements of producer responsibility themselves (as the producer responsibility will otherwise apply to the importer).

Recipo can offer to act as your authorised representative in Norway.

The authorised representative is the national representative in Norway of a producer located outside Norways’s borders. The representative may therefore act on behalf of the producer (the exporter) in accordance with the rules governing producer responsibility in Norway. Non-EU companies who are not established in Norway, but who sell products directly to end-users in Norway through distance selling, must register directly with EE-registeret. You can read more about authorised representatives and registration on the website of EE-registeret.