Even though large tonnes of EE waste are collected in Norway, Norway does not reach the collection targets set by the EU. A new report identifies possible reasons for this.

The recycling companies for EE waste and the recycling industry wanted, among other things, to look more closely at how this could be solved, by first mapping the challenges of collection and reporting. The new report from Norsus and Plan Miljø describes trends with regard to collection of EE waste and measures that can increase the collection rate. The report has been prepared, on behalf of Norsk Industri, Norsk Returmetallforening, Renas, Norsirk and Recipo.

The background is that Norway, like most EU countries, does not reach the targets for the collection of EE waste. Possible reasons for this may be incorrect registration of weight for EE products sold (incl. incorrect item code at import, inaccuracies when adjusting for the weight of packaging, etc.), illegal handling and theft of EE waste, weaknesses in the reporting of electronics that are reused, weaknesses in reporting for EE waste in residual waste and EE waste that is handled outside the return companies.

The new report forms the basis for assessing new measures that will increase the collection rate for EE waste, both in Norway and elsewhere in the EU.

Contact Country General Manager Luvisa Hansen if you have any questions about the report at luvisa.hansen@recipo.com.

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