Consumers are the key to a Circular Economy!

The theme of this year’s International E-Waste Day (14th of October) focuses on informing consumers that they are a key factor in creating a circular economy.

Only by consumers handing in their old electronic appliances for recycling, are we able to recycle the many different materials that go into making electronic products. With a finite resource of raw materials and the increasing costs to the environment, creating a circular flow of materials is one key sustainability factor that the electronics industry can do something about, but only through having consumers, hand in their old electronics for recycling.

As WEEE legislation states that producers have a legal obligation to inform consumers about recycling their EEE and batteries at end of life, Recipo has, together with other PROs in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, created The Recyclable Advert. A platform that creates sustainability campaigns for the electronics industry and other stakeholders, to use free of charge across their social media channels.

This is the third year The Recyclable Advert has produced a sustainability campaign for the whole electronics industry to stand together with a unified message, that we must hand in our used electronics and batteries for recycling. Launching the campaign in the run up to International E-Waste Day.
The campaign is designed to run before, during and after International E-Waste Day during October this year. To generate maximum impact, 3-4 short films are created with the message on: resources that need to be handed in for recycling, leaving EEE at end of life at a collection point and sorting and separating the various materials in order to create a circular economy.

The idea is to launch the campaign during the first week of October and running the different films with stills supporting the message, the week before, during and after International E-Waste Day.

Together with the electronics industry and all stakeholders are we able to better reach consumers with a united message.

From 21st of September the campaign will be available to download from

With the first spot to air on Social Media Channels from the 4th of Oktober running through to the 24th of Oktober.

4 films and 4 images with accompanying texts to post throughout the campaign period on your social media channels.